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Client Case Studies

   NSSLGlobal Ltd

For NSSLGlobal Ltd, designed a key business system to receive and display call data records from a diverse mix of international suppliers. This then feeds into a core billing system. The call records and billing information, can be viewed, both internally for management purposes, and, using the web-based front end, by customers. The system is constructed using SQL Server and VB .Net.

Having used these system in the UK for 8 years in 2016 the systems were rolled out to two newly acquired European subsidiaries.

  • Browser based user interface
  • Internet customer portal
  • High capacity rating and billing engine
  • Comprehensive paper and electronic invoices 
  • Multi-currency, multi country
  • Automated Call load, rate and distribute to customer portal
  • Accounts integration - Great Plains
  • Real time traffic alerts
  • SQL Server, ASP.NET, Crystal Reports
" Our billing system, developed by Zedra, ensures that we can meet the fast moving needs of the telecomm industry to accurately record and invoice for all types of telephony traffic.
Recent developments To the system mean that our customers can now easily view Call data records over the Web Interface, which greatly improves our customer service.
Paul Sykes, NSSLGlobal Ltd.

   ISIS Telecommunications

For Isis Telecommunications, now part of Vodafone, Zedra played a key role in the development of a major upgrade of Mobill, the Isis Customer Care and Billing platform running over a SQL Server Database. Mobill supported Isis’s fast growing dynamic business by processing all pricing structures required in both the Mobile and Fixed wire reseller business models.

  • Browser based user interface
  • High capacity rating and billing engine (5 million plus calls per month)
  • ASP.NET and SQL Server
  • Account integration – Access Dimensions
" Zedra played a key role in leading the development of a major upgrade of MoBill, the Isis Customer Care and Billing platform, which gave a stable and expandable platform and the ability to deliver unique billing services from which Isis was able to continue its rapid growth in the dynamic telecoms marketplace. Zedra have continued to provide valuable development support to Isis since 2002 and aided the MoBill system in winning at the world billing awards in 2004 and 2005, and MoBill was instrumental to the successful acquisition of Isis by Vodafone in November 2006. "
Russell Horton, Group IT and Operations Director, Isis Telecom.

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