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Client Case Studies

   Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing

For PEP (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing), Zedra have taken the PaDS system and expanded it to allow online orders to be taken with credit card authorisation via Cybersource. The system also has a web service to do real time checking of users subscription to PEP Web.

  • Online ordering and payment system
  • Credit Card authorisation
  • Web service subscription checks
  • SSL Security, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Excel Reporting
" The PaDS system operates securely across the Internet and has a full set of accounting, reporting and audit procedures built in. It has a remote order system which records and processes almost instantly direct ordering of PEP products off our website and allows users to securely update their personal details. This allows sales processing to be done quickly in London or California essentially within existing Customer Service time. Sales directors or other staff can examine progress as and when they like and obtain real-time sales and cashbook reports in seconds. The timely and comprehensive support offered by Zedra allows us to be confident of resolving any issues as required to maintain our 24 hour service. "
David Tuckett, Director, Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing.

   Insurance Underwriting System

This development took an existing client developed Microsoft Access database and transformed it into an intranet/browser based SQL Server database system which transformed the clients abiity to run their business.

  • Automated quote and policy document production
  • Comprehensive premium and deduction handling including net and gross payments 
  • Full Endorsement support
  • Sophisticated search on policy, insured, producer and consultant
  • Browser based ASP.NET front end over a SQL Server database
  • Excel and Word integration

   Control Energy Costs

This database system, ACTIVE, for Control Energy Costs, allows business data to be entered in a reliable and consistent form, which is then the basis for invoices which are created and automatically posted to Sage Line 50.

  • MS Access front end, SQL Server database
  • Account integration –Sage Line 50
  • Excel integration for invoice production

   International Journal of Psychoanalysis

PaDS is a database system, developed for the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, which allows many companies to create and maintain products which can then be ordered against a common set of customers. The system runs as a secure web application available over the Internet and therefore allows online ordering and credit card authorisation. It uses ASP pages over an SQL Server database.

  • Multi User, Multi Company
  • Browser based Internet user interface
  • Annual subscriptions bi-monthly instalment tracking
  • SSL Security, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Excel Reporting
" The fact that PaDS is now available to authorised users over the Internet has revolutionised our data entry and reporting process, allowing orders to be recorded easily and reliably from anywhere, thereby freeing the time of our subscriptions officer for more customer facing activities. "
Paul Williams, Former Joint Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Psychoanalyst's.

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