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For 25 years Zedra here been designing, developing, and then providing support for, strategic commercial databases for business clients in a diverse range of sectors.
We design, develop and support database systems for our clients by:

Our clients have little in common other than the need for an intuitive, robust, long lasting database system to support their complex business requirements:
  • Telecoms
    • NIBS - Multi Country, multi currency satalite telecom billing system for NSSL Global
    • MOBILL - Comprehensive mobile phone billing system for ISIS now part of Vodaphone
  • Service
    • GUS - Comprehensive insurance underwriting system
    • PaDS - Subscription system for Psychoanalysis Journal and PEP
  • Manufacturing
    • eSAM - Sales and marketing system for De La Rue
  • Finance
    • IRIS - Money Market Funds consolidation and reporting system for IMMFA
    • ECHO - UK Funds consolidation and reporting system for The Investment Association
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